What is Audience Targeting?

We always start with research in order to help you find the right audience for your account – thousands of new people following, liking, and interacting with you on a daily basis.

What is Location and Hashtag Targeting?

Targeting by location and hashtag optimization allows you to focus your efforts to specific key words & geographic areas. We can create engagement with people from New York that enjoy French food for example. This is very effective way to increase local presence.

What is Targeting by Usernames?

Without a doubt one of the most effective ways to find the right audience and optimize your IG account. We can engage with your family, friends, competitor’s followers/following, celebrities, influencers and more.

What is Advanced Engagement?

Our secret sauce, for some clients most of our work is being done manually by one of our team members.We always test what’s working and what’s not on our own accounts first, analyzing each step using engagement techniques that creates stronger relationships with your audience.

How can I Schedule Postings?

Spending to much time posting? We can schedule your content to be posted in any given time, so you can focus on your day to day life and let us do what we do best.

What is Follow/Unfollow technique?

Natural human curiosity - when you follow someone, good chance they will follow you back. Very aggressive method off creating engagement.

What is Direct Messaging?

This feature really helps increasing awareness and works very well for local businesses. Any new person that follows you, will automatically receive a welcome message to their inbox – for example a Jewelry store that would like to offer discount coupon for their IG followers.

What is Private coaching?

This really sets us apart from our competitors as you can get tips & secrets from real Instagram influencers. Check our team’s personal accounts and see for yourself. Basic rule before seeking advice from anyone - If they have never done it for themselves before, how can someone give you a good advice about it? There are very few that know more than us about how Instagram’s algorithms works, each one of our team members is a true professional with years of experience, and now we are sharing our knowledge helping our clients reaching their goals.

I don’t like to create content, can I still use your services?

No, if you don’t enjoy taking photos, our services won’t help you. Quality content will always be the number one reason people will engage with you. We can bring hundreds of thousands of people to your door step to view your page, but we can’t force anyone to love you. If you are a beginner - that uncomfortable feeling of taking photos usually goes away after 2-3 weeks.Practice makes perfect.

Do you offer any advice on content creation?

Yes, some of our packages include private coaching where you can talk via skype with anyone of our team members and they will guide you step by step on how to grow your account. Each team member has their own style so make sure to choose a team member with similar page to what you are looking for.