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Our Story

It all began couple years ago when a group of Instagram enthusiasts decided to learn everything we could about how to grow our own Instagram accounts. Some of us wanted to do better in the business world. Some of us wanted to find love. Some of us just wanted to spread a personal message to a bigger audience. We read every book, attended every seminar, and tested every software out there only to discover that no one was giving the high level of service we were looking for. So we decided to develop in house strategies unique strategies and test them out on our own personal accounts. We got amazing results very quickly, friends and family noticed the changes in our lives and started asking us to help them grow their accounts as well. People we helped were so satisfied with their results and started to recommend us to others!

Realizing There is a Need

It took us a few months to understand that we actually have a business in hand, people were so happy with their natural growth, boosting their confidence and helping their message reach a wider crowd.

What You Can Expect

InstaUnicorn is not a bot service nor a place to buy followers & likes. We provide a natural way of engaging with relevant people on Instagram by liking their photos, commenting on their posts, and following them. Your targeted audience will get a notification indicating that you’ve taken one or more of these actions on their Instagram, and they will come to check out your page. If they find your page relevant & interesting, they might choose to follow or interact with you.

If you have a boring or spammy Instagram account, all the tools in the world won’t help you. It’s up to you to improve your content every day and curate your Instagram feed with high-quality content. Great content will grow your audience faster than anything else. If you don’t know how to create good content, we can assist you with that as well.

When Will You See Results

Within the first 24 hours you’ll start seeing first changes, after few week you will start noticing massive results, within few months using our assistance to engage larger audience ,you will finally realize how it feels to be a part of the “Instagram world” and not just a spectator.