Get leads for your business with zero ad spend



Get leads for your business with zero ad spend

Join the Revolution

Have you ever seen businesses with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and wondered what their secret is?

We use an innovative approach to help 1500 businesses transform their social media accounts into a lead generation powerhouse.

Social Platforms

Our relationship is simple, you are in charge on posting content, we make sure it is getting maximum exposure in every major social network.

Let’s get started by choosing the platforms you wish to grow

Don’t Be Basic - BE A UNICORN

Schedule a 30 minute consultation and set up your account for a 1 week trial

6 Step Process

We’ve crafted a six-step process of targeted social engagement that guarantees growth in less than 24 hours.

Scraping Data

Most powerful technologies of artificial intelligence to create an exclusive list of your desired audiences.

Grow Your Network

24/7 targeted engagements with thousands of prospects – we send likes, comments, endorsements, B-Day wishes, retweets, and more.

Nurture Relationships

Maintain ongoing relationships on your behalf with decision-makers that are relevant to your industry and can afford your services.

Earn Their Trust

We use engagements on all social platforms to get their attention and constantly reminding them how you can give them value.

Raving Fans

Every new follower will automatically get a DM with an offer they can’t refuse until they are ready to buy.

Leads - Zero Ad Spend

Getting your clients' attention while giving them the satisfaction of supporting their social profiles is the new era of marketing.

We Lead - They Follow

Our team specializes in targeted social engagements ,helping businesses grow on all social platforms.

Career Opportunities

Content Creator

Guide businesses through the process of creating excellent content that targets, engages and converts the right audiences.

Graphic Designer

Create stunning visuals for social posts, to attract followers’ eyes and nurture them towards conversion.

Sale Expert

Identify and engage with new clients, and move leads down the sales funnel, so that they convert.